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Tax Increases and the Dishonesty of Democrats

October 9, 2010

In the 1960’s, the great Milton Friedman and Edmund Phelps theorized a “natural” rate 0f unemployment.  Now, it appears, Democrats are proposing that President Clinton discovered a natural rate of taxation.  That’s a best-case-scenario.

Democrats have demagogued the “Bush” tax cuts mostly on the basis that Clinton “created” a surplus.  This argument assumes that 1) Clinton was the person responsible for “creating” the surplus, and 2) Government surpluses are a good thing.  It also assumes, most importantly, that somehow his rates of taxation are ultimately more just and fair.

Ultimately pretending (for now) as though the Clinton administration discovered some heretofore unknown “natural” rate of taxation, Democrats pretend that the Bush tax cut favor “the rich”, that they are burdensome to the “middle class”, and that they ultimate undermine economic prosperity.

Forget, for a moment, that the Great Architect of the Universe only asks a paltry ten percent of our income.  How can Democrats act as though an increase in tax rates is not, in fact, a tax hike?  I might not be a linguist, but if tax rates increase tomorrow or a couple of months from now from their current rates, is that not a “hike”?  That’s like saying that a climb from Denver to Pike’s Peak isn’t an increase if you scaled that peak when Bill Clinton was president.  What a joke.

But Democrats seem undeterred.  Their taxation policies flow from their obvious belief that there is a point at which people are comfortable enough in life and that from that point on, the state is entitled to take whatever they want.  This is partly at the center of Democrat bleating about the Koch brothers.  Nevermind the outrageous funding of Democratic activism by George Soros, who gave infinitely more money to  That’s different!  Why, he advocates tax raises which will affect him, therefore it’s okay!  The manifest difference between the Koch brothers and Soros isn’t a denial of self-interest; it’s arrogance.  Soros doesn’t agitate for tax increases because he’s a martyr; he does so to demonstrate his power and wealth.  He’s obviously telling the world that no matter how much money we seize from him in taxes, he’ll still bet on money, fly private jets, and influence elections.  He’ll still be plenty comfy because he reckons he makes more money than God.  The Koches, on the other hand, believe their money is theirs.  How insidious!

Bush and a Republican congress cut taxes across the board.  They seemed to favor the “rich” because the rich make more and therefore pay more.  Awful, isn’t it?  What is simple math to most is turned into a talking point by Democrats.  And yet, they worry that their impending electoral problems are all about “branding”.

Republicans didn’t make the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 permanent at the time because it was much easier to pass with a deadline but also because they assumed the assuming prosperity would make them permanent.  Bush didn’t cause the economic collapse; mostly Dem policies on home loans and regulation did.

Democrats bemoan the Bush tax cuts as nepotism, corporate greed, and worse, without stopping to check themselves.  Maybe it’s time they stopped pretending letting the Bush cuts expire wasn’t a “hike”, and started trying to convince people why God Almighty only insists on ten percent of their income but they think that their rates are much more “fair”.

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