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Video: Just a Reminder: Gov’t Interference and Moral Hazards Created Financial Mess We’re In

January 16, 2010

From the Center for Freedom and Prosperity comes a refresher course in Economics 101.  The video is masterful, so I’ll let you watch and then comment:

I bring this up mostly because the DNC talking point of choice recently wormed its way into the Coakley-Brown debates.  Still genuinely unaware of the fact that the internet exists and that people can find out for themselves how we came to be in this mess, Democrats continue to press forward with the audacious contention that some great Republican trifecta of greed, deregulation, and tax cuts have brought us to the brink of economic ruins.  Here’s Coakley handing out her version, along with the now-cursory attempt to tie the Republican to the spooooky Bush-Cheney duo:

As the candidates fought over taxes, Coakley turned aggressive, suggesting that Brown was promoting a return to the era of George W. Bush, which she said favored the rich and triggered the economic collapse.

“He wants to go back to those Bush-Cheney policies that provide for the very wealthiest,’’ she said.

“You can run against Bush-Cheney, but I’m Scott Brown,’’ Brown responded. “I live in Wrentham. I drive a truck.’’

Brown’s answer was sufficient, given that most debates–and indeed, even most columns and blog posts–don’t allow enough time to detect and overthrow the popular MSM-backed theory of deregulation, greed, and tax cuts, let alone the time to explain the real reason for the “Great Recession”.  This video is one of the best summations of the underlying reason for our current economic situation, as well as a fairly succinct argument against government interference in the insurance business.  It’s about risk–something Democrats surreptitiously claim they can remove from life without also removing individual liberty.


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