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Brit Hume and the Decidedly Illiberal Behavior of Critics

January 12, 2010

Brit Hume has come under fire lately for his recommendation that Tiger Woods accept Christianity for the “forgiveness it offers” in the wake of the revelation that Woods has been with more perky blonde white women than can usually be found in the pages of an Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue.  That’s a joke, by the way.  I actually quite like Tiger Woods.

Hume, on the show in the capacity of–I’m going to put it in italics and bold print just to make sure the point gets across–a commentator, not a straight newsman, made his remarks because he believes, as a majority of Americans do, that Christianity offers something of a bargain for sinful human beings in the way of forgiveness.  Wow!

This being Fox News, of course it seemed that liberal viewers were all too happy to jump all over Hume’s statement as an example of everything from intolerance  to “conservative bias” (a concept not too dissimilar to a belief in unicorns and pixies).  It seems Fox has three strikes against them: in addition to not actively campaigning for Democrats and not making up stories that support a liberal agenda, they have newsmen who believe in–gasp!–Jesus Christ.  And thus were Fox News’ attempts to establish theocracy in America thwarted!

As Hume later explained, his remarks weren’t meant to be construed as an attempt to offer Tiger image rehabilitation.  Christianity won’t necessarily clean a sullied reputation.  Hume’s point was: you might live a better, more moral life with the piece of mind that comes from forgiveness.

What is so ironic is that supposedly, religions in America compete in a marketplace of ideas.  Short of state coercion, you’re free to pretty much believe what you want and short of running afoul of the law, you are free to elucidate your religious beliefs however you want.  Noone ought to support this idea more than self-described liberals.  Yet and still, Hume is suddenly a pariah.

What this is not, really, is an example of proselytising run amok.  What it is is an example of how liberals too often act like no idea is ever supposed to be superior to another idea unless it’s liberalism.  That Christianity is superior to Buddhism or Islam is certain debatable; the fact that we ought to be allowed to have that debate is not.  The venue–Fox News–is no more or less appropriate than any other possible venue for such a discussion.

Methinks what has liberals up in arms is perhaps their overly sensitive outrage detectors have gone off the charts.  So Hume likes Christianity; well, so do about a billion other people on the planet!  Relax, folks.  When Fox conceals pertinent information and facts about a presidential candidate with no prior executive branch experience who has spent more time campaigning as a legislator than he has voting in a shameless attempt to get him elected, then you can complain.

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