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Even When It’s Not About Bush, It’s All About Bush

January 9, 2010

Leave it to left-wing Obama apologists to turn an admission of failure by the One himself into a golden opportunity for–you guessed it!–more Bush bashing:

You have to suffer through three pages to discover (in the last three paragraphs) facts that a simple Google search would turn up: yes, the dreaded Bushitler did, indeed, take responsibility for a number of failures during his presidency.  Why, in one instance, he even accepted blame for a natural disaster! 

The modern Democratic party not only reckons they can run against a former president for at least the next millenium, they’re willing to base their governing philosophy on acting in diametric opposition to everything they perceive or imagine him to be.

The prince of darkness himself could stroll down Park Avenue, replete with horns and pitchfork, and Obama’s apologists would still wail about “unilateral action” and Halliburton’s supposed stockpile of no-bid contracts. 

It’s hard to decide what leftists hate more about Bush: his pesky moral certitude, his innate unflappability, or his odd predilection to protect the sanctity of human life at all its stages?  Oddly, one thing you never hear leftists complain about is Bush’s stunning tendency to enact legislative preferences they’ve drooled over for the past 100 years, like Medicare Part D or No Child Left Behind.  Yet and still, the party of “just do everything the opposite of what Bush would have done” are undeterred in their march toward oblivion.

The president did something the other night that conservatives actually appreciated (no, not admitting failure): he clearly elucidated the idea that we are at war.  Granted, he understated the scope a bit and was entirely too narrow in his identification of the enemy, but the admission that we are at war was comforting. 

Alas, for liberals, it’s still all about Bush.

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