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Ron Grossman: Obama Deserves His Nobel Just for Getting Elected

December 7, 2009

In other words, the Patriots deserved to be awarded a Lombardi Trophy in 2008 simply for being the first team to cross the 16-0 threshhold:

The day the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was announced, I was in Florence, Italy, weary of butchering another people’s language and half understanding what Italians were saying. Startled at the sound of English pronounced with an unmistakable New York accent, I looked up to see two black women. I asked if they’d heard the news.

“Yes,” said one, who was about 70. “Ever since, they’ve been asking what’s Obama done to earn it.”

I asked what they thought. Maybe something in my voice encouraged them to be frank. Or, perhaps it was the magic of a chance encounter that turns Americans abroad from strangers to friends.

“He got elected, didn’t he?” replied the other woman, who was in her late 60s.

That settled the issue for me. Barack Obama’s election to the White House was, like the astronaut said on reaching the moon: “One small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind.”

My analogy is actually a poor one; the Patriots at least had to work a great deal to get to 16-0 before doing the world a favor in losing to the Giants. 

Rarely does an author make such a frank and startling admission.  This guy is taking his cues from people while in Italy–you know, home of the people who managed to elect corruptocrat Berlusoni–in forming his opinion on the relative worth of Obama’s Nobel.

Grossman obviously belongs with those who are of the firm belief that the race barrier in presidential politics was just too much–too much I say!–to surmount before the immaculation of the One finally brought about racial harmony. 

My problems with that line of thinking (and I have many problems with it, indeed) are most succinctly status thus: 1)Huh? and 2) Aren’t the people who elected Obama the ones who deserve that award, seeing that they cast the ballots that put the man in office?

It is not as though black men have not before run for president or been discussed seriously in political circles as a distinct possibility.  Colin Powell’s name has, for some time, frequently been floated in Republican circles as someone we would like to have seen run for high office.  Understandably, the knowledge that any man of color running for president as a Republican would literally overload Google’s capacity to process the person’s name along with such phrases as “Uncle Tom”, “lawn jockey for the far right”, “race traitor”, and “sellout”, probably keeps more serious Repulicans of color well out of the three-ring circus that is a presidential campaign.  Fortunately, President Obama is a liberal Democrat, so he seldom had to suffer the indignity of being told that his ideology literally made him a white man. 

Returning to the issue of President Obama’s sterling achievements… there really aren’t too many to speak of.  Barack Obama has made a career out of wooing the kookiest fringe elements of the Democratic party.  He’s stayed in one political office just long enough to apply for the next highest office available, which is why his Senate voting record has more ‘NV’s than it does ‘Yea’s or ‘Nay’s.  His single biggest accomplishment to date is being able to squeeze maximum mileage out of the phrases “the audacity of hope” and “there are some who say it can’t be done”.  The man’s record against straw men is impressive, but once he moves up to battling even super fly-weights, I’m not sure he’ll be able to take a shot on the chin and keep fighting. 

Most notably, he’s had a compliant lap-dog media covering his flanks every step of the way.  Hey, that gives me an idea!  Maybe that Nobel Prize should be shared by the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC, NBC, MS-NBC, CNN, the Chicago Tribune, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Jon Stewart…

You get the idea.

Cross-posted at Thinkumentary

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