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Video: Ballot Measure to Ban Divorce in California Backed By Sore Losers, Snobs

October 25, 2009

File this under the category “absurd and insulting”:

This attempt to paint Prop 8 proponents as silly hypocrites is brought to you by a man twit named John Marcotte, who apparently is part of the minority of California voters who failed their attempt to foist gay marriage on the populace of one of the most liberal states in the Union. 

The video plays on a very tired and very stupid argument that says that gay marriage can’t possibly diminish the standing of traditional marriage, because divorce already has.  A four year-old could dissemble such an astonishingly idiotic attempt at a logical formulation.

Not only is Marcotte’s video insulting to Prop 8 proponents in general, but it really goes the extra mile in its effort to insult Christians specifically.  I might point out that only a very tiny, negligible sliver of Christians don’t believe in divorce for any reason whatsoever.  If Marcotte was proposing an end to no fault divorce, his argument might gain a little traction.   The video isn’t about trying to make a valid point; it’s about insulting Christians and trying to trick the undecided into concluding that Prop 8 proponents are hypocritical if they don’t get behind an effort to ban divorce. 

If Marcotte really wanted to lodge a complaint against anyone, he should start with the startling number of California voters who voted for President Obama and Proposition 8.

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