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Ron Rosenbaum: Obama Haters Won Him His Nobel

October 11, 2009

Every now and again, I truly appreciate Rosenbaum’s insights.  I read him quite frequently at Pajamas Media.  But his latest offering is frustrating in its banality.

Rosenbaum echoes the most patently absurd talking points of leftists here at home in attempting to prove his contention:

The worldwide web circulation of pictures of thuggish goons carrying guns (yes I know it’s legal, it’as also incredibly stupid), haters screaming down dissenters from their talking points at Townhalls, the kind of violence in the rhetoric of the anonymous cowards who spill their bile–behind their cowardly anonymity–in the comments section.Finally I think it was the Hitler mustaches on the Obama posters. Norway is a nation that was invaded by and lived under Hitler’s rule. Sweden was threatened into neutrality. I wouldn’t blame them for wanting to rebuke these hysterical whiners trivializing Nazism before they unleashed some nut with a gun who took their frothings seriously.

First of all, it’s been pretty thoroughly proven at this point that most of the gun-toting and mustache-drawing folks are LaRouche supporters–arguably not right-wingers except in a world where anyone to the right of Hugo Chavez is considered a “right-winger”.  Second, if there is some great animus behind the conduct of town hall attendees expressing skepticism over ObamaCare, it isn’t immediately evident from audio/visual evidence, unless finger wagging admonitions by private citizens to government officials to stay out of the private sector are, in and of themselves, great proof of “virulent” anti-Obama sentiment.  So, why the absurd talking point?

Lest liberals be tempted to make the (again) manifestly absurd argument that right-wingers kept their yaps shut for the duration of the Bush presidency, I humbly submit the great immigration debacle of ’08.  It was right-wing outrage that effectively squashed any possibility of “comprehensive immigration reform”.  The myth that right-wingers quietly acquiesced to Bush era shenanigans, but are suddenly furious with similar Obama policy efforts, is just that–a myth.  Conservatives were quite vocal in their criticism of deficit spending (where it didn’t appear in the form of emergency allocations for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan), Medicare part D, and amnesty–among other things.  This notion that conservatives were just giddy with excitement over Bush’s all-too-frequent liberal leaning experimentations is easily disproved.

So no, Mr. Rosenbaum, the Nobel committee didn’t hand President Obama a Peace Prize because of the practically nonexistent phenomenon of Obama haters.  They did it because 1) they hate Bush and the prize has become a de facto “f**k Bush” award, and 2) they want to geld him on the questions of Iraq, and Afghanistan.

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