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Liberals to Conservatives: Racism Is Whatever the Hell We Say It Is

September 20, 2009

It’s pretty much official: the words ‘racist’ and ‘racism’ have effectively been stripped of meaning by modern liberals. 

Having first labeled Tea Party participants “racist”, liberals set about referring to town hall protesters as racist thugs as well.  With the addition of Joe Wilson to the dreaded ranks of racist opposition, it has literally come to the point where all opposition to the liberal agenda, no matter how slight or innocuous, is said to be predicated wholly in racial animus. 

It was during campaign ’08 that the first whispered accusations of latent racism appeared whenever someone dared to challenge then President-Elect Obama’s views as “socialistic”.  Those wimpered accusations increased in both frequency and urgency with the aforementioned Tea Party movement, and by the time the Great Town Hall Backlash of ’09 was in full swing, conservatives were accused of being everything from racist thugs, to “political terrorists”, to Nazis.

This wouldn’t seem like news to conservatives, who have been accused of being Nazis and facists for–oh, let’s just say at least the past forty years–everytime they offer even the most tepid rebuke of liberals or the mildest critique of the liberal agenda, except this time, liberals have gone well above and beyond their usual efforts to bastardize the English language.  First, “socialism” was said to be the n-word in disguise.  Then “death panels” was interpreted as racial code, followed closely by the phrases “take our country back” and “you lie”, and finally anything that comes out of the mouth of a conservative to include ‘a’, ‘and’, and ‘the’.  Simply put the standard has become: racism is whatever the hell liberals say it is.  They’ve even taken to putting words in conservatives’ mouths to advance their odd “dissent is motivated by racism” formulation. 

It’s easy to imagine opposition to socialized medicine being predicated on racial animus–Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton notwithstanding.  Actually, it’s hard to see how conservative objections to health care “insurance reform” in its present incarnation (which is essentially the same as its previous incarnations) are motivated by racism when conservatives have opposed such efforts to bastardize the health care industry for well over half a century.  Unless Bill Clinton was an albino black man, conservative opposition to HillaryCare just doesn’t seem to support the “racism” narrative. 

Ah, but wily liberals aren’t impeded by this pesky “reality” of which I speak! 

For the record, it’s difficult to understand how anything but raw prejudice and an unapologetic will to power could explain why liberals endlessly harp about President Obama being “the first black president” when his genetic makeup is equally condusive to calling him the 44th white president.  Memo to liberals: Obama is as much white as he is black. 

But in liberal land, blackness and whiteness is–much like racism–whatever the hell they say it is.  This is why President Obama, who is half black and half white, is considered “black”, while Michael Steele, who is decided more black in terms of genetic makeup, is seemingly white in the eyes of liberals.  It is why Colin Powell’s blackness warranted cries of “Uncle Tom!”  when he was a member of ChimpyMcBushitler’s administration, but suddenly redeemed himself when he endorsed Obama.  Liberalism–or the lack thereof–is what, to liberals’ minds, determines intelligence, worthiness, and racial background. 

So liberals show no signs of slowing on their determined efforts to double down on stupid.  For a group of people constantly demeaning the religious zealousness of their opponents, liberals sure have childlike faith in the flawed premise that simply calling the opposition racists and Nazis will make the people buy into their preposterous policy ideas.

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