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Paragons of Civility, M.I.A. for Eight Years, Suddenly Decide to Show Up!

September 15, 2009

Sometimes I wonder if being a liberal isn’t a perpetual exercise in cognitive dissonance.

Every time one turns around, liberals are exposed for their rank hypocrisy.  Curiously, they’re doubling down on crazy.

No matter how many times the charge of racism (the “last refuge of the liberal scoudrel”) slides off the backs of conservatives conditioned to treat such an accusation as proof of intellectual triumph, many modern liberals never tire of hurling the epithet.  Their ideas are pathetic, their thinking misguided, and their mythology has been completely discredited by history–but at least they know how to pander!  It’s a strange tactic: by attempting to treat everyone who is not a white evangelical male as though they are mentally handicapped invalids completely incapable of caring for themselves, they somehow manage to insulate themselves from ever being called out as the outrageous bigots that they are.

Partially born from this phenomenon is the Joe Wilson controversy.  Joe Wilson calls the president a liar during an address of Congress, during a portion of the speech devoted to mendaciously claiming that illegal immigrants will not be covered by ObamaCare, and all some liberals can think is… “racism!”. 

Likewise, the astronomically stupid Mike Lupica observes a substantial gathering of ObamaCare opponents and concludes that it’s because they couldn’t scream loud enough to keep the “black guy” from getting elected.  Conversely, they also couldn’t scream loud enough to keep the “white guy” from getting elected, either.  Lest we forget, Obama is half white.  Shhhhh… don’t tell liberals!  This is the problem with identity politics: sometimes, liberals are just too stupid to realize they’ve chosen a poor target to bear the burden of acting as a racial pinata. 

What really chafes is the manifestly absurd accusation from the left that somehow angry, angry, angry white folks on the right are “coursening” our political discourse

This, from the group who used election 2000 to slander, libel, and otherwise beat down George W. Bush from day one.

This, from the people who gladly endorsed the Iraq War when it seemed popular to do so and then proceeded to turn around and claim Bush “lied” by using the same intelligence Clinton had used to justify military action years before. 

This, from the people who treated the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina as “proof” that Bush was incompetent and uncaring–as opposed to the colossally malfeasant Ray Nagin and Kathleen Blanco.  The poor dead of Katrina left their blood on Nagin and Blanco’s hands, not George W. Bush and FEMA.  For more on that please see the definition of the term “federalism”.

These people laugably pretended to give a damn about veterans when the Walter Reed fiasco gave them an excuse to slander Bush.  Take it from a veteran: we know that too often, Democrats tend not to give a damn about us.  The fact that you let Clinton slash our budget to the bone before you cried your crocodile tears over Walter Reed kind of gave away the game.  What really sickens sane people is the fact that you hated the amiable Bush enough to try to pimp the infirmities of those who have borne the battle in order to get him.

In a shining example of political civility, many of the same people who donned sackcloth to lament Joe Wilson’s unfortunate outburst booed Bush during the 2005 State of the Union address.  Rahm Emanuel would later make the absurd claim that before Wilson’s outburst, a president had “never been treated that way before. Never.” 

These people claimed that the Patriot Act’s mere existence was somehow “proof” that Bush was “shredding the Constitution”.  Oddly, the last time I had a good look at the Constitution, it actually identifies the “common defence” as something it exists to provide for; this is in contradistinction to the “right” to have rich folks pay for every ache, pain, and boob job of those who vote Democrat.  Of course, I might have missed something whilst slogging through the Constitution’s great deference to abortion and sodomy. 

And, finally, many of these same people laughed uproariously when an ungrateful Iraqi scumbag threw his shoes at Bush.  Alas!  If only Wilson had thrown an article of clothing, we could all be having a beer summit right now.

Conservatives tend to be more amused with liberals than we are angry.  Trust me–we’re laughing at the fact that every protestor is hysterically help up as proof that we are all sinister and racist.  We laugh when idiots like John Avalon try to equate our reasoned opposition with the blind hatred of the left over the past eight years.  Conservatives aren’t really capable of it.  We don’t have the energy.  Besides–the left only opposes us because our chairman is black!

Most of us, after all, have better things to do–like figure out how to pay for liberal fairytales to come.

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