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Shocker: Democrats Not So Happy When It’s Their President Getting Interrupted

September 11, 2009

First, let me say that Joe Wilson’s outburst occurred at the wrong time and wrong place.  There is certainly no doubt that the assertion that ObamaCare won’t end up covering illegal immigrants is pure fantasy.  Despite the fact that Republicans have been relentlessly and viciously attacked by the President’s surrogates over the past several months for their opposition to ObamaCare, Wilson should have waited to issue his rebuke.

That being said, perhaps it’s time for the Paragons of Civility to be reminded that history didn’t begin with the election of The One:

It should be pointed out that Bush was absolutely right: the Ponzi scheme that is Social Security is just about bankrupt at this point.  But I digress.

And in case anyone thought that incivility toward Bush was isolated to the above example, I humbly submit this morsel:

Don’t you love our moral and intellectual superiors? 

While we think about how bowled-over we ought to be by their impeccable manners and unwaivering sense of propriety, let me throw this at you:

PolitiFact claims that Joe Wilson was wrong, and Obama is telling the truth about illegal immigrants. But PolitiFact ignores the central argument made by Wilson’s camp: that the House bill does not require that the legal status of people who receive “affordability credits” be verified. (Democrats in committee voted down an amendment to require verification.) Here’s the entirety of PolitiFact’s discussion of this issue, in a fairly long piece about Wilson vs. Obama: “The bill specifically says that people in the United States illegally are not eligible for tax credits, on page 132, section 242.” So what? The law “says” that people aren’t supposed to be here illegally in the first place, after all.

PolitiFact also reports, “Right now, most states have laws on the books that require hospitals to treat severely ill people who arrive at the hospital, regardless of immigration status, and we didn’t see anything that would change those laws, either.” I’m not sure what they’re talking about, but federal law has included that provision for more than two decades.

Maybe the best way to avoid being denounced as a liar is not to lie.

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  1. Derrick Bemis permalink
    September 11, 2009 6:38 pm

    First, nobody commended Chris Matthews for telling the people it was “bad form” and “don’t do this” to the people cheering Bush’s departure. Secondly, yes it bad for Democrats to heckle during the SOTU and Fox bashed them. However, where was Fox bashing Joe Wilson. I will say this, for Olbermann bashing Joe Wilson, he didn’t bash the Democrats for the booing of Bush and so he is a hypocrite too.

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