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Olbermann to Loyal Minions: I’m Just Too Darned Well Respected to Dig Up Dirt on Beck. Bonus: You’re a Racist If You Disagree!

September 9, 2009

Leave it to a half-wit leftist like Keith Olbermann to continue making the right wing dissent is based on racism argument even after it’s fairly obvious it’s having little effect on the president’s approval numbers or the popularity of his health care proposal:

If you can make it past about the first thirty seconds, you’re a stronger man than I am. 

Apparently, Olbermann is under the mistaken perception that 1) anyone widely considered to be a journalist respects him, 2) the five remaining members of his audience are stable enough to understand what “morals” are, and 3) he has a moral compass. 

As a point in fact, Olbermann’s moral compass wouldn’t let him shoot a solid azimuth from his living room to his bathroom.  The man fashions himself the reincarnated Edward R. Murrow.  Obviously, Olbermann seeks to fashion himself not as the Edward R. Murrow who bravely reported from London and later from Buchenwald, but rather the journalist-turned-character assassin Murrow whose wildly incorrect anti-McCarthy broadcasts helped trick at least a generation of Americans into believing that McCarthy didn’t help expose a vast network of Soviet infiltrators in the State Department.  It wouldn’t be until the Venona messages were decrypted years later that empirical evidence would bear out the overwhelming truth of McCarthy’s accusations.

Unlike Murrow, who can be given credit for being a man of some integrity who probably inadvertently undermined his own country, Olberdweeb takes great pleasure in spreading lies and disinformation.  Olbermann has no integrity whatsoever.  Worse, he sucked even as a sportcaster for ESPN.  A man who can’t be trusted to sound like he’s got a firm grasp of a four-corners offense probably can’t be trusted to provide political analysis. 

Olbermann retracted his call to dig up dirt on Beck for one reason: Beck, unlike the three people in the Obama administration Beck sought information on, isn’t a politician or associated with a presidential administration.  Arguably, it’s fairly clear that Beck sought out information of a public and political nature.  Bathtub Boy is hoping to find out if Beck likes to wear dresses in his spare time or some such embarassing factoid–arguably a bit different.  Olbermann would be wholly unprepared to handle the firestorm of criticism that would follow such a vicious endeavor, mostly because of the aforementioned lack of integrity.

Olbermann is a deeply ridiculous human being who hates anyone who doesn’t agree with him and doesn’t care much for America, for that matter.  His hypocrisy on dissent, respect, civil discourse, and slander all readily demonstrate his manifest absurdity.  The only reason this sniveling, cowardly elitist remain on the airwaves is the fact that conservatives really don’t go in for boycotting.  This is mostly due to the fact that we are busy with an all important three-letter word: J-O-B-S, “jobs”. 

Gotta love Bathtub Boy!

Gotta love Bathtub Boy!



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