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Stupid Sports Commentators Ought to Stick With Being Stupid Sports Commentators and Leave Politics to Grown-Ups

September 8, 2009

I’m sure that everyone is well aware that MSNBC superhack Keith Olbermann was once content to let people think he was merely an idiotic sports analyst.  Well, Olberdork isn’t the only twit who should have stuck to providing hard-hitting analysis of the infield fly rule.   The New York Daily News’ Mike Lupica is coming dangerously close to cutting into Olberdweeb’s dominance in the “should have stuck to analyzing batting averages” category.  Judging by his latest burnt offering of liberal tripe, he’s really working hard at breaking through to the vaunted superhack ranks.

Lupica penned a column for the Daily News that is so cliche and pathetic in its attempt at a lead-in that one wonders if Lupica submitted it to the staff at the Daily News on a series of napkins, written with crayons. 

Of course. Who would want to put their children at risk this way, listening to a success story like this President’s, listening to him describe the possibilities of both education and America, talking to them about hard work? But then so much of this comes from the same mouth-breathers who look at a health care plan as some sort of Socialist manifesto, and see opposition to it as a call to arms.

Only in this kind of climate could a traditional speech like this, to be delivered on C-SPAN and via the White House Web site, be seen as a controversy, actually get parents to think they are putting their children at risk by sending them to school tomorrow.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who thinks he is going to be President someday even as he makes Sarah Palin sound like a Fulbright scholar in comparison, called the Obama speech “disruptive.”

Personally, I will not be taking my children out of school, and I don’t necessarily mind the president speaking to students.  I think the leader of the free world has a nearly unmatched ability to inspire students to excellence–provided he stays away from hawking his insane policy “ideas”.  But every parent has the absolute right to make that  decision for their own child without having to check with every idiot liberal pundit in the country before hand.

Where Lupica really embarasses himself is in trying to break down commentary by no less an intellectual juggernaut than Charles Krauthammer himself.  Lupica’s inane drivel has to be read to be believed:

Pawlenty has thrown in with all those who have decided they have to hate this President on everything, already making his election seem like some kind of accident. You see Charles Krauthammer, one of the kings of the haters, writing that Obama “only” won by 7 points in a year when the Republicans blew up their own party and the economy at the same time. Right on, Krauthammer! No one, certainly not him, ever thought an African-American would come close to the presidency and now when Obama wins, he “only” wins by 7 points.

Who said Krauthammer never thought a black person would win the presidency?  A quick Google search would probably disabuse Lupica of the notion that Krauthammer has ever expressed such skepticism, but Lupica, it seems, received his journalism degree through the mail by turning in a bunch of CrackerJack box tops and a small wad of cash.  To think!–if Lupica had chosen Crunch ‘n Munch as his favorite caramel-covered popcorn treat, we might have been spared the teeth-grinding chore of slogging through his absurd rambling.  Oh, well.  As a matter of fact, so far as elections go, seven points does not quite make it into landslide territory.  Lupica also seems to be genuinely unaware of the fact that in a scant six and-a-half months Obama has gone from the upper sixties to mid fourties in approval, presumably because hope and change don’t pay bills, cure diseases, develop new technologies, address brutal dictators, or solve economic problems created by Democratic policies going all the way back to the 1970’s and the brutally incompetent Jimmy Carter.

Of course, since Lupica grew up mostly offering his opinion on the relative comfort level of different brands of jock straps, his repertoire of rhetorical weaponry is rather limited, so he’s still stuck on playing the race card and chalking up all dissent as being propelled by hate and fear–as opposed to principle, reason, and experience:

Some of this is racial, though Obama’s critics would never see themselves as being racist in a million years. But there is something more going on, not just white versus black but white hats versus black hats, on both sides of politics, both the right and left selling conflict with both hands, trying to give you a Civil War every night on Cable America because that’s where the ratings are.

Only it’s not civil. And somehow the most gullible people have been convinced that the enemy is anybody who disagrees with them. About anything.

I might point out at this point that mainstream liberals are the one who think anyone disagreeing with them is “the enemy”.  We’ve gone in record time from “dissent is patriotic” to “stop dissenting you stupid, white, rich, uneducated Nazis”.  I may not be a walking dictionary, but I’m pretty certain that referring to ordinary Americans protesting a public health care option as being equivalent with the perpetrators of the Final Solution is not, strictly speaking, in the technical sense, the definition of “civility”.

Lupica ought to do the decent thing and devote his meager intellect to calling triangular offenses “loony”.  Then again, even stupid athletes have better developed critical thinking skills than Lupica.

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