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Hope and Change?: President Obama Hemorrhaging Support

September 2, 2009

It appears that President Obama’s poll numbers are now in free fall mode.   The newest Rasmussen Reports poll shows the president with only 45% approval–the lowest yet for this president.

Lest I hear weeping and gnashing of teeth from liberals who doubt Rasmussen’s veracity, consider that Zogby shows him at… 42%. 

Interestingly, Obama didn’t get any sort of sympathy bump after Ted Kennedy’s passing.  It was theorized that perhaps the president was overexposed prior to Congress’s August recess, but staying out of the limelight hasn’t precisely helped him either.

How liberals must yearn for the halcyon days of President Bush’s meager approval ratings!  Ah… if only there were some sort of natural disaster that could be blamed on Republicans somehow. 

There’s further hope for conservatives.  President Obama isn’t the only Democrat suffering from a precipitous decline in public approval.  Now that the American people have had an opportunity to observe liberal hegemony up close, they apparently don’t care much for it.  Rasmussen now shows Democrats at their poorest polling point on the generic ballot in years–a mere 36% of respondents would vote for a Democratic candidate in their Congression race, were the election to be held today.

I think it’s safe at this juncture to put out an A.P.B. for the great liberal mandate of ’08.  Apparently, merely demagoging Bush was enough to win solid majorities in both houses, but oddly, the American people don’t seem to want a liberal agenda foisted on them.  A case in point?  CBS polling shows ObamaCare at a new low, with only 40% of respondents approving of the president’s handling of the “reform” effort.  Could it be that once again, Americans are providing manifest proof that we are indeed a center-right country?

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