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MSNBC: Assualt Rifle at Protest Sign of “Racial Overtones”. Also, Oceania Has Always Been At War With Eastasia.

August 20, 2009

MSNBC engaged in one of the most brazen propaganda efforts I have ever been witness to earlier today, when they showed a protester carrying an AR-15 assault rifle outside of a presidential speech, but refused to show the man from the neck up and attempted to tie the man to some imaginary racial animus the state-run media claims is typical of anti-ObamaCare forces:

For the record, here is a picture of the man in question:

Report to Room 101 Immediately, White Mobs... Oops!

Report to Room 101 Immediately, White Mobs... Oops!

Invariably, the gun-toting protesters captured carrying weapons are turning out to be LaRouche supporters.  Imagine that!  Obviously, rather than admit their error and abandon their approved narrative of “corporate-owned whiteys gone wild”, the state run media has simply decided that clever editing is the ticket.  Take that, dittoheads!

This is pathetic.  The mainstream press apparently operates under the assumption that there is no talk radio and no alternative news media sources.  They act as though Al Gore never invented the internet!

Give liberals credit–they are a wily bunch.  Not to be dissuaded by inconvenient things like “pictures”, “public statements of candidate support”, or “reality”, there are still attempts afoot to ascribe this raucous behavior to right wingers.  Apparently, even though the protesters are invariably LaRouche supporters, it doesn’t matter since LaRouche isn’t a widely “accepted” member of the Democratic Party, it’s unfair to tie him to the left:

HotAirPundit points out that “LaRouche PAC had a table outside the event” at which it was giving out Obama-with-Hitler-mustache posters, and says that LaRouche can be traced to most of the Hitler noise: “99% of the Town Hall Protesters denounce the Hitler pictures.”As HotAirPundit notes, Newsbusters previously pointed out the LaRouchePac connection to the Hitler signs — and criticizing mainstream media sites for conflating them with Conservative rhetoric against Health Care Reform position.

NewsBusters’ main point is that LaRouche is actually on the left — he’s run for President as a Democrat before, after all — but I think it’s safe to say that LaRouche has never been an accepted, promoted, or viable candidate for the Democratic party. His views have been variously described, according to SourceWatch, as Fascist, Communist, Bonapartist and Right-Wing Populist, and marked by conspiracy theories. So it’s pretty clear why both sides would want to distance themselves from him and his antics.

How testy the left gets when their playbook is turned against them.  They love to play cloak-and-dagger games of guilt by association, and they love to create convoluted conspiracy theories based on the most tenuous associations (think: Halliburton canard), but when they are hoist with their own petard, it’s all “never been an accepted promoted” bla bla bla.  Suffice it to say, I’m quite certain that the Holocaust museum shooter and Pittsburgh cop killers were definitely not affiliated with the Republican Party, and they sure as hell never ran for president as Republicans; that doesn’t stop fascist idiots at the HuffPo and DailyKos from howling about the grim specter of “right-wing violence”.  There’s a credible, demonstrable link between LaRouche and the Democratic Party.  And, suffice it to say, SourceWatch may have their wires crossed.  There is no way anyone could possibly confuse communism, fascism, and right-wing populism. They simply cannot be mistaken for one another.

But that won’t stop left-wing apologists from trying to salvage the “protesters are virulent racists” meme.  After all, the liberal bag of tricks is only so deep, and they’ve pretty much hit rock bottom.

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