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Liberalism Marches Toward the Rubicon; Let’s Help Them Cross It!

August 11, 2009

If the health care reform debate–oops!–I mean, “health care insurance reform” debate teaches us anything, it’s that 1) you can add “selling Gadsden flags while black” to Al Sharpton’s list of things blacks can’t seem to do without drawing an inordinate amount of attention, and 2) liberals have a zeal for overreaching that borders on the clinically insane.

Liberals’ detachment from reality is partly to blame for their unswerving determination to ram their agenda through Congress no matter how unpopular it is amongst the American people, also known within the Manhattan Cocktail circuit as “the lumpenproles”.  It doesn’t matter how many polls are published indicating Americans stand solidly against single-payer health care systems, how many think President Obama’s plan would lead to a single-payer system, how many are against ObamaCare in general, how many fear government more than eeeevil insurance companies, how many think cap-and-trade will make their lives more difficult, how many believe porkulus was a mistake–they won the election, dammit!  Elections are all that liberal Democrats seem to understand.  The will of the people matters only so long as a campaign is in full swing, and ceases to matter the moment the ballots are counted and a liberal is declared the winner.  The only exception occurs when public opinion can be used to smear a conservative as an incompetent failure.

Having won the election, liberals simply plotted their course without a moment’s thought as to why they won the election.  Thinking critically is hard!  Declaring your victory a mandate for “fundamental change” is infinitely easier than stopping for a moments quiet reflection on the circumstances surrounding victory.  I would say that Democrats have wandered, Elmer Fudd-like, into majority control of Congress and into the Presidency only because of the malfeasance and mismanagement of certain Republicans, except they went to extraordinary lengths to undermine any and all Republican efforts to do almost anything from 2001-2006.  President Obama won a victory over a candidate that was only tepidly conservative at best, with Blue Dogs accounting for a solid bulk of the Democrats’ Congressional victories–again, over tepidly conservative Republicans a good portion of the time–and yet and still, talking heads and liberal punditry contend that conservatism is in trouble.  President Obama ran a campaign that, while not illegal, certainly raises certain moral questions–inasmuch as then candidate Obama demagogued and undoubtedly worsened a grave financial crisis while running George W. Bush as proxy for John McCain.

After making extravagant promises of unprecedented transparency and access to the goings-on inside the beltway, President Obama has instead run a cloak-and-dagger operation of obfuscation and circumvention, as evidenced by the unprecedented number of “czars” that infest the White House.  This could, perhaps, be symptomatic of the sort of cronyism that Democrats claimed was a grave crisis for the Republic during the terrible reign of King Chimpos II (A.K.A. George W. Bush) when the president nominated Harriet Myers for the SCOTUS.  That was one appointment, compared to no less than 40 of these “czars” that run everything from car companies to the Ministry of Truth.

Stimulus was an unmitigated disaster.  Having adorned himself in sackcloth, and having sprinkled ashes on his head during campaign ’08 to bemoan “record deficits”, President Obama did a full one-eighty with porkulus.  Presumably, this was all accomplished under the “smoke more to avoid lung cancer” segment of Keynesian economic theory that was discarded as bunk decades ago.  But Reagan deficit spent, too! Not to the tune of 1/15th of GDP, and not on liberal fairy tales, but on actual legitimate functions of the federal government.  Why do liberals insist that their ideas aren’t disastrous because some conservative once did something that only cosmetically resembled what they want to do?  They’re like children.  But Johnny rode his bicycle without a helmet, so I should be okay if I stick my head in a ceiling fan!

Health care reform may well represent a tipping point for Democrats, and for liberalism.  We get to see, close up, how liberals operate.

While polls show an overwhelming majority of Americans are happy with their health care, liberals insist on trying to take the prudential idea of “reform” to its logical limits.  Essentially–as in most things–government interference has created blemishes in a free market that liberals now insist on rubbing until they become a gaping, festering wounds.  Liberals often operate this way: they take an issue where voters may have minor grievances and pick at them incessantly. The constant bombardment of negativity and propaganda overwhelms the individual capacity for resistance.

Perhaps most disturbing–but not at all suprising–is that we’re really getting to see what your average liberal Democrat thinks of the common American.  They think you are stupid, arrogant, ignorant, low born, consumer-driven, and helpless without their brilliant and compassionate machinations.

The cult of personality that helped get President Obama elected is starting to wither under the harsh light of reality.  The people are beginning to see that their elected Democrats don’t read legislation, and town hall protester’s questions are being answered with appeals to trust Democrats’ unique brilliance.  That’s comforting–surrender 1/6th of the economy to Democrats on faith!

Bill Maher at least had the integrity to finally elucidate the backbone philosophy of liberalism: you are stupid and in need of guidance; uniquely qualified, Harvard-educated liberals are there to provide that guidance.  How lucky for you!  Once they are in power, you can safely acquiesce to their every whim and wish; after all, they’re so much more compassionate than you are.

Yes, some people may still be unaware that the Earth revolves around the sun, but it doesn’t affect their ability to understand that Medicare and Medicaid are fast becoming bankrupt endeavors.  They don’t need a Harvard education in order to discern the historical failure rate for socialism, which stands at or near 100%.  They don’t need the “cerebral” Bill Maher to inform them of the fact that liberals attack using an incremental approach.  Health care is one slippery slope that is real, that will lead inexorably to a loss of freedom and the diminution of cherished choices.

Finally, Democrats have turned to the only thing they have left: claiming that conservatives are doing everything they actually did during the Bush presidency.  There’s quite a difference between engaging in sedition on foreign soil during a time of war, and standing up to ask your elected representative where the hell they intend to get a trillion dollars from.  Democrats can’t see that difference, presumably because they think sedition is trendy–or because they just hated King Chimpos II that damn much.  Either way, it doesn’t change the fact that they are trying to make apples-to-oranges comparisons.

So we see that a certain segment of liberal Democrats are poor at reading entrails, they can’t argue a point without screaming about some perceived slight they once thought they suffered, are given over to wild hyperbole, and are severely lacking in respect for their constituents.

Liberals seem poised at the edge of the precipice; all we need to do is make sure they make it over.

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