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Here We Go Again. Video: Another Leftist Says ‘Socialist’ Is Code for the ‘N’ Word

August 11, 2009

Here’s a picture perfect example of how leftist bastardize and abuse language to suit their propaganda efforts:

I was almost willing to believe that Obama’s flacks in the media and Washington were ready to retire the race card–having played it to the point that it’s dog-eared and sun-bleached.  Alas!  The race card isn’t ready for golf and midday naps just yet.

Following this race-hustler’s line of thought, wouldn’t conservatives have been using ‘socialist’ as a code word for ‘cracker’ when describing Hilary Clinton for the past 17 years?  What if President Obama were Hispanic?  Would ‘socialist’ be code for something completely different, in that case?

For that matter, why doesn’t this brilliant line of thinking work both ways?  Perhaps ‘capitalist’ or ‘big oil’ is nothing more than code for ‘cracker’.  I say the next time some idiot Democrat bemoans “big business” or “powerful interests”, we play our own race card.  By my reckoning, every liberal Democrat would be guilty of a hate crime every day of their lives.

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