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Left’s Latest Anti-Protester Meme: Protesters “Swiftboating” Health Care

August 10, 2009

Liberals seem to have a difficult time learning.  They’ve regurgitated the “dissenters are racist” argument ad hominem, ad nauseum to little or no true effect; they’ve drawn laughably inappropriate comparisons between septuagenarian town hall protesters and Nazis so consistently that the word Nazi is practically void of any deeper meaning than “we don’t like conservatives”; now, they’ve turned to a brazen and rather odd tact: equating health care protesters–who, by the way, are right–with the “Swift Boat” veterans from the 2004 presidential elections–who also happened to be right.

To say that health care town hall protesters are “Swift-boating” health care is an odd imprecation, inasmuch as the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were absolutely correct in their assessment of presidential candidate John Kerry–all of them having served with Kerry in Vietnam and having observed his unfitness for office.  No complaint of the Swift Boaters ever really focuses on the veracity of their claims; rather, liberals whine incessantly about how late in the campaign the Swift Boat television ads occurred. Gee–I wonder if there was another presidential candidate who was attacked a mere two weeks before a presidential election with information that twenty-five years old at that point?  The difference is, in the case of Bush, the information was completely irrelevant.

Consider that about sixty eyewitnesses to Kerry’s Vietnam service are cited in the book, and nearly three hundred Swift Boat Veterans signed a letter stating that they viewed Kerry as unfit for command.  Witnesses described a man who created vainglorious spot reports starring himself as John Rambo’s forerunner, cowardice under fire, and a man who frequently disobeyed orders.

But since Democrats were ill-equipped to counter the truthfulness of the account, they began screeching about well-heeled, sinister Republican operatives financing the Swift Boaters “scurrilous” attacks.  This is why Democrats favor campaign finance: Democrats with juicy tidbits of innuendo and gossip get their pick of numerous free venues from which to broadcast their perfidy (ABC, CBS, MSNBC, The New York Times, etc.); Republicans, on the other hand, have to provide DNA evidence, a blood oath, and piles of cold, hard cash in order to get out pertinent information to the public.  Bereft of a compelling argument against the information being disseminated, liberals attack the source of the money.  That’s obviously due to their compelling respect for free speech.

In this case, the purported money trail is dubious, indeed.  Liberals contend that protesters are under marching orders from a gentleman by the name of Rick Scott, who is the head of Conservatives for Patient’s Rights.

And that’s about the extent of their argument.  He’s rich, and he doesn’t want ObamaCare.  That’s it; no evidence linking him to any town hall protest; no smoking gun to connect the dots between himself and the sinister “Brooks Brothers” brigades; and most notably not one successful refutation of the facts in the television commercials he has funded!

It’s not as if the left’s health care “reform” movement isn’t backed by heavy hitters, after all.  Except ACORN, which is partially subsidized by you, the taxpayer.  Oops!  There’s also the SEIU, which also happens to be funded in part by the taxpayer.  There’s also, which is funded by multi-billionaire George Soros; and of course, the Huffington Post, which was founded by the fabulously wealthy Ariana Huffington.  Oh, but Rick Scott’s company once paid record fines for fraud

Once again: if you ask the average person, not to mention the average health care town hall protester, the most common answer you’ll get to the question “Who is Rick Scott” is a blank stare and a shrug. This is in contradistinction to the hordes of Kossacks and HuffPo drones out there who read every word posted as though it were gospel law.

Returning to the “Swift-boating” theme: it’s interesting that Democrats have made the SBVFT the poster children of the mythical Republican “attack” machine.  If the Democrats feel the need to create more villains than they already have, they might be best to try to dig one up that wasn’t telling the truth.

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