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NYT Elitist-in-Cheif Charles Blow Lives Up to His Name

August 9, 2009

It would be a miracle of Red Sea crossing proportions if the New York Times could go a single day without sneering at ordinary Americans.

Charles Blow continues this vaunted tradition of harangueing hoi polloi with his newest insufferable missive, “Health Care Hullabaloo”.

After briefly bemoaning the fact that Democrats support ObamaCare but won’t all get out and get their thug thizzle on, Blow proceeds to the thrust of his diatribe: Town hall protesters are stupid terrorists!

Not only are anti-reformists showing up, they’re terrorizing legislators with their tomfoolery when they do. Blinded by fear and passion, armed with misinformation and misplaced anger, they descend on these meetings and hoot and holler in an attempt to shut down the debate rather than add to it.

I must say that this says more about them than it does about any forthcoming legislation. Belligerence is the currency of the intellectually bankrupt.

“Blinded by fear and passion”?  “Armed with misinformation”?  Has Blow even read the health care bill?  What is this gasbag even talking about?

Has anyone ever noticed that every time conservatives open their yaps, liberals like Blow declare that whatever they say or do renders them “intellectually bankrupt”?  If Blow had any integrity, he’d just admit that arguing principles is the currency of the intellectually bankrupt.  After all that’s really where his grievance lies: conservatives have the audacity to argue!  Oh, well.

When hordes of uniformed liberals show up to shout some stupid bumper sticker slogan at Republicans (Bush lied!  Kids died!  Halliburton!  Arms for Hostages!), the left declares it a glorious triumph for representative democracy.  When conservatives show up to ask where the hell one trillion dollars in government handouts is supposed to come from, they’re “terrorizing legislators”.  No wonder no Democratic president has successfully prosecuted a war since WWII.  Ask them a few tough questions about government infringement on the free market, and they get the idea that they’re Christ on the cross and conservatives are all brutish oppressors!

So just what is Blow’s “proof” that Republicans are stupid?  Why, the made-up birther controversy and creationism, of course!

Trapped in their vacuum of ideas, too many Republicans continue to display an astounding ability to believe utter nonsense, even when faced with facts that contradict it.

A Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll released last Friday found that 28 percent of Republicans don’t believe that Barack Obama was born in the United States and another 30 percent are still “not sure.” That’s nearly 6 out of 10 Republicans refusing to accept a basic truth. Then again, this shouldn’t surprise me. According to a Gallup poll released last summer, 6 in 10 Republicans also said they thought that humans were created, in their present form, 10,000 years ago.

Let’s face it: This is no party of Einsteins. Really, it isn’t. A Pew poll last month found that only 6 percent of scientists said that they were Republicans.

Really, Blow.  Use your damn head.  Perhaps scientists generally aren’t Republicans because scientists have locked out anyone not sharing their vision of science as a secular political weapon, not because Republicans aren’t smart.  Mainstream journalism works that way, after all, and they’re a stultifyingly remarkable gaggle of arrogant prigs.  You’re looking at a faulty cause-and-effect relationship.  But I digress.

Beside the fact that Blow has the unfortunate predilection of cribbing information from the Daily Kos–which is nothing more than a collection of liberal apparatchiks–so what if people have the audacity to believe that man was created in his present form 10,000 years ago?  What was the damn poll question, you dummy?  Old world creationism–something I’m guessing Blow has no idea even exists–allows for the idea of a world that is several billion years old, but in which “seven days” is taken (based upon a greater understanding of the nuances of both the Hebrew and Greek words translated “day” in Genesis, Exodus, et passim) to mean seven equal divisions of time, and in which the seventh day–which began somewhere between 6,000 to 10,000 years ago–marked the creation of man in his present form. But Blow is an insufferable elitist, so his belief that life can trace its origins to an inexplicable glob of primordial nastiness is obviously what anyone with any education believes, right?

If anyone were looking for an explanation for sinking newspaper circulation, they would need look no further than journalists like Charles Blow.  He condescends to a good portion of our society on a weekly basis under the guise of chin-stroking gravitas.  In reality, he’s a bedraggled buffoon.

Finally, as for the ginned-up birther controversy: I think I’ve adequately explained that elsewhere.  Take a look for yourself and decide who’s unhinged.  I’m not a birther myself, but I’m quite sure that questioning the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate six months after his inauguration (given a fairly solid track record of mendacity) isn’t quite the same as questioning the legitimacy of the Bush presidency a full eight years and more after he was duly elected.

But Blow won’t be dissuaded by inconvenient “facts”, or “evidence”, or even “critical thinking”.  When it comes to his ability to think consistently, Blow lives up to his name.

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  1. douglasernstylp permalink
    May 9, 2010 12:55 pm

    I think that’s what you call “laying the smack down” on Charles Blow. Kudos!

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