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Mobsters, Villains, and Demagogues, Oh My!

August 7, 2009

It is a matter of fact that Democrats can pass anything they like at this juncture.  They have the presidency, a super-majority in Congress, and continuously harp about election ’08 being a mandate for “change”, whatever the hell that means.  So why the need to create villains?  They’re at their leisure to do whatever they like, so why the demonization and demagoguery, the obstreperous screeching about “mobs” of right-wing “extremists”?

Reflexively, liberalism requires heroes and villains, angels and demons, good guys and bad guys, in order to survive.  Liberalism thrives during times of chaos, tumult, and uncertainty partly because of the propensity among liberals for demagoguery and class warfare.

Hence, peaceful dissent by law-abiding, tax-paying citizenry is shrieked about as though anti-ObamaCare protesters are advocating for mass murder; or, for that matter, for tax cuts.

When barely constrained gaggles of gay brutes chase Christian missionaries out of San Fransisco’s Castro District, it doesn’t constitute the crisis of democracy that liberals portend the anti-health care “reform” movement does.  When pro-Hezbollah thug protesters don ski masks and bandannas and bare up placards that scream “Death to Israel”, it doesn’t seem to inspire the girlish weeping characteristic of President Obama’s brownshirt brigades.  When anti Iraq war protesters spit on Soldiers and lay down in the middle of traffic, it doesn’t trigger apoplectic hyperbole on the part of “compassionate” leftists.  Only concerned septuagenarians are a nascent threat to the survival of the Republic.

All of the classic leftist-preferred whipping boys have been trotted out as ostensible villains in Democrats march toward electoral oblivion; there’s “Republicans” (oh no!), tonsil-thieving doctors (oooooh!), insurance companies (spooky!), talk radio (say it isn’t so!), and the latest, of course, “Brooks Brothers” clad mobs (oh please God, just kill me now).

Bereft of what used to be called “ideas”, liberals are so desperate for someone to blame for their own inadequacies and failures that they’re even doctoring “evidence” again and ginning up fake conspiracy theories.  Not only is there no real “memo” proving astro-turfing, but the “birther” movement is easily explained by simple syllogism.  It was a leftist hack at MSNBC that promulgated the “birther” fiction, and MSNBC ran with it.  Generally, if MSNBC says something isn’t true, it’s a damn sure bet it’s gospel law–hence, a few right-wingers are skeptical based on what is usually a pretty sound line of reasoning: MSNBC is a propaganda organ for the DNC. Unfortunate?  Yes.  As severe or unhinged as the “Bush stole the election” conspiracy theories still popular amongst Democrats to this day?  No.

An overwhelming majority of Americans are happy with their health care, even if they do think there are some improvements that can be made in the system.  Only a leftist ideologue would look at recent polls on health care and obtusely conclude that there is a systemic flaw so grave it requires government intervention in the supply side of the market.  There is a better explanation for polls showing Americans are happy with their own health care but think other people’s care is unsatisfactory: most people have excellent health care but assume their experience is atypical.  Solution: stop hysterical media reports based in whole or in large part on cherry-picked anecdotal evidence.  See how simple that is?

Having lost the battle of ideas already–and having picked an extremely unsuitable entity to serve as the poster child for hopenchange obstructionism–liberals are left only with the option to smear conservatives as bumpkins, rednecks, hicks, idiots, retards, low born, and inbred racists.  Simultaneously, they are also mean, evil, rich, privileged, devious, crafty, powerful, and–perhaps worst of all to leftists–hypocritical Christians!

This is the last refuge of people who refuse to see reality.  America is a manifestly conservative nation.  Intuitively, liberals understand this; this is why they instinctively insult anyone not sharing their compassionate opinions as stupid.  Nothing else explains why the American public would disagree with the policy initiatives of such kind, compassionate, charming liberals!  They have no evidence and no persuasive arguments–just the constant drumbeat of go back to your trailer parks and have sex with your siblings, you idiots. One often wonders if they’re engaging in debate or handing out their social calendar.

As frustrated as conservatives may often be with liberals, we realize that, at their core, the average, outside-the-beltway liberal is no better or worse than anyone else.  They see problems the same as conservatives; the difficulty is that their solutions always seem to start and end with government interference and soaking “the rich”.  You can put money on the fact that your average anti-ObamaCare protester would gladly sit down and have a beer with these liberals.  Could you say the same for the leftists in the blogosphere, or inside the beltway?

President Obama and Congressional Democrats should stop pretending that anything stands in their way.  Their destiny is in their own hands.  They should put up and deal with the inevitable electoral backlash, or shut up and leave the American people alone.

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