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Dishonor: White House Bureau of Euphemisms Declares End of “War on Terror”, “Jihadist”

August 7, 2009

Once again, prominent Democrats are tinkering with commonly accepted nomenclatures in what used to be known as the “Global War on Terrorism”.

It’s official. The U.S. is no longer engaged in a “war on terrorism.” Neither is it fighting “jihadists” or in a “global war.”President Obama’s top homeland security and counterterrorism official took all three terms off the table of acceptable words inside the White House during a speech Thursday at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington think tank.

“The President does not describe this as a ‘war on terrorism,'” said John Brennan, head of the White House homeland security office, who outlined a “new way of seeing” the fight against terrorism.

The only terminology that Mr. Brennan said the administration is using is that the U.S. is “at war with al Qaeda.”

“We are at war with al Qaeda,” he said. “We are at war with its violent extremist allies who seek to carry on al Qaeda’s murderous agenda.”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in March that the administration was not using the term “war on terror” but no specific directive had come from the White House itself. Mr. Obama himself used the term “war on terror” on Jan. 23, his fourth day as president, but has not used it since.

It’s difficult to know where to begin.  Perhaps here?

Mr. Brennan’s speech was aimed at outlining ways in which the Obama administration intends to undermine the “upstream” factors that create an environment in which terrorists are bred.

No matter how many times Democrats attempt to justify their insane “the war on terrorism creates more terror” meme, it still mystifies and infuriates.  You know what helps deter the breeding of terrorists?  Killing the ones that are practicing, silly.  Nothing hinders the ability of jihadists–excuse me! “Facebook friends”–to recruit and wage war like not being alive.  It makes it very difficult, to say the least.

But a certain segment of the Democratic Party–let’s call them the “just do the opposite of everything Bush did” faction–honestly believes that confronting terror somehow creates more terrorists.  In truth, these people harbor deep and irrational hatred for the United States regardless of how hard we prosecute the War on–oops, I mean “the War on al-Qaida”.

Also unclear in the wake of yet more liberal attempts to create semantic bedlam is just how groups like Hamas and Hezbollah fit into this newfanged “kill terrorists with kindness” paradigm.

Not to worry, though!  If we just the opposite of what George W. Bush did, we’ll be alright.  Soon, liberals will be sleeping during the day, driving on the right side of the road, and wearing their underwear inside out.  Just how far the incomprehensible liberal animus toward someone who had the audacity to beat them in two consecutive elections extends is difficult–if not impossible–to discern.  What is clear, however, is that yet again, policy isn’t being decided by men and women guided by principle, but by demagogues driven by a rapacious desire for power and political revenge.

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