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Palin’s Unfortunate Resignation Won’t Stop Palin Hate

July 28, 2009

If you thought that Palin Derangement Syndrome was going away after the former governor’s resignation Sunday, think again.

Liberals’ anger still burns fiery hot against a woman who dared to carry a child with Down Syndrome to full term, who believes in free markets and free people, and who dares to (Oh my god!) occasionally drop her ‘g’s.  All of these are, apparently, apostasy in the eyes of liberalism so heinous that they require eternal derision.

Thus, brave liberals took to the airwaves to continue the barrage of fecklessness and vitriol.  Consider Carl Bernstein’s profound ignorance of the fact that, following the Republican National Convention, McCain jumped out in front of Obama in polling for a couple of weeks.  Bernstein seems genuinely unaware of the fact that Palin was the only bright spot in the logubrious McCain campaign:

CARL BERNSTEIN: I think there’s a fundamental problem in the way we have viewed her perhaps too seriously since she was a candidate, when we should have viewed her seriously.

She’s a demagogue.  She’s ignorant. She’s a flake. MIKA BRZEZINSKI [whose instinct is to give Palin a fair shake]: Oh boy.

BERNSTEIN: And I think there’s a kind of obeisance that the conservative movement has paid to this person.  If a liberal Democrat were to be in a similar position, conservatives would run her out of town, as would sensible Democrats . . . [McCain] committed an almost unpatriotic act in picking Sarah Palin because she’s manifestly unqualified for high office


JONATHAN CAPEHART: I absolutely agree with Carl, 100%. I’ve been mystified and fascinated by her rise and her presence on the national stage.

Forget the fact that Bernstein is himself a shameless ideologue, and consider that the man’s hatred of a woman who fails to prostrate herself before the alter of liberalism is so intense that he literally remains in attack mode after she has transitioned to the private sector.

The PDS crowd is no better with print media.  CBS News couldn’t help but publish a piece yesterday evening that was bereft of any greater point than “We hate Sarah Palin”.  CBS described Palin’s farewell address as sounding more like a “partisan campaign rally” than a “transfer of power”, as though that means much of anything to begin with.  There is also maybe just the slightest projection here; liberal Democrats are always campaigning for something, so they assume everyone else is, too.

The piece went on to lament Palin’s suspicion and maltreatment of the media several times.  Apparently Palin hasn’t exposed herself to enough abuse at the hands of a lynch-mob media:

Judging from the positive reaction that her scathing criticism of the press received from the Fairbanks crowd on Sunday, Palin may have struck a chord among her fervent supporters. As she enters the national political arena full time, it will be interesting to see whether she continues to knock the media at every turn, or decides to pull back a bit, as several former campaign aides have advised her to do.

Not to worry though, folks; Palin’s just paranoid:

Though she appears to have settled on perpetuating her antagonistic approach to the media, most political strategists, including many conservatives, suggest that she would be better off cultivating relationships with the press, as she did to such a successful degree during her early political career.

Could it be that early in her political career–before she was a palpable threat to the MSM’s anointed messiah–the press she dealt with displayed at least a modicum of decency and respect?  Maybe; maybe not.

The point is, the press really–and I mean really–hates this woman.  Liberals have hounded Palin relentlessly, to the point that they are willing to bankrupt the state of Alaska to bring her down with mendacious charge after mendacious charge.  It will be interesting to see how far they go to destroy her if she emerges as a presidential candidate in 2012.

As Rush Limbaugh once said, “When liberals start squawking, you know you’ve hit your mark”.  Judging by the obstreperousness of her liberal detractors, Palin hits mark after mark every time.

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  1. R.Hovorka permalink
    August 27, 2009 8:44 pm

    Is there anyway to shut-up Sahra Palin ????? This hate filled DING-BAT should be stoped! She should be deported!

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