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Post-Racial America, We Hardly Knew Ye!

July 26, 2009

It is a testament to the state of modern liberalism that even in a country that just elected it’s first minority president, we just can’t stop getting lectures on how “divided” America still is.

We’re continually told, even to now, that Obama’s election was historic–but apparently, not historic enough to have had any practical consequences for racial dynamics.

That’s the impression one gets listening to race hustlers like the Rev. Sharpton, the Rev. Jackson, and folks like Henry Gates.

A white cop shows up to politely ask a black man suspected of breaking and entering to step out on the porch so that his identity can be verified, and the first thing the black man in this instance has to say is, “Why? Because I’m a black man in America?”.  Methinks the liberal professor doth protest too much.

But that’s not how the story is being sold by infamous poverty pimps like Sharpton and Jackson, who quickly jumped on board to proclaim the arrest a clear example of racial profiling.

Unfortunate for Sharpton, Jackson, and Gates is the fact that anybody who knows Sgt. Crowley vehemently denies any possibility that the man suffers from even a modicum of prejudice.  Crowley, it turned out, was the responding officer who attempted quite vigorously to resuscitate Boston Celtics star Reggie Lewis, teaches classes to fellow officers on avoiding racial profiling, and perhaps most important in discerning racial bias, isn’t named Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.

President Obama made matters infinitely worse by commenting–as he admitted, without the benefit of key details–that the police acted “stupidly”.  If anyone knows when something looks stupid, it ought to be a president who has likely spent the country in crippling hyperinflation and expanded the federal government to a scope previously thought possible only in an Orwell novel; alas, in this instance, his careful judgment failed him.  It turns out, Sgt. Crowley isn’t giving an inch of ground, and neither is the Cambridge Police Department.

Sgt. Crowley magnanimously offered to have a beer with Mr. Gates, and Mr. Gates graciously accepted.  Except, he wasn’t all that gracious.  He still insists on blathering on about “educating” Sgt. Crowley on “racial profiling” whilst they enjoy their respective beverages.  In reality, the one who needs a lesson on racial profiling is Mr. Gates.  By all accounts, he saw a white cop doing his job and, since that job inconvenienced him, screamed racist! at the first possible opportunity that presented itself.  Perhaps Sgt. Crowley could give Mr. Gates a little insight into how any cop, regardless of race, must feel when they approach a house suspected of being occupied by a burglar–especially when that house had been robbed in the recent past.

Perhaps most egregious in this entire debacle is the “teachable moment” remark President Obama made in his backtracking diatribe yesterday.  I personally would have thought he would have seen his election as the definitive “teachable moment” on race relations in America, as no man on Earth has benefited more from America’s manifest color-blindness than he has.

We as a country must stop being lectured to as though every event that involves people of different races is 1964 Harlem.  We have come to the point in America where the most dangerous thing that the average black person has to look forward to from whites is being patronized to death, or being subject to white liberals’ political policies.  Personally, I’m tired of being implicated by bigots like Gates for atrocities (e.g., slavery and segregation) that occurred well before I was born, and I’m especially intolerant of their pedantry since we elected Barack Obama to the presidency.  Actions have consequences, even when those consequences don’t benefit the unfortunate liberal predilection for race-baiting.

(h/t Hot Air, This Can’t Waite, Patterico)

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