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With President Obama, Reasoning Always Gives Way to Demonization

July 24, 2009

Last nights debacle of a health care presser contained enough half-truths and outright lies to fill several posts, but I don’t have the time right now, nor do I have the patience.

Once again, what strikes me is the ephemeral, shape shifting nature of Obama’s claims–both as to his own ideas on where problems lie, and where blame ought to be assigned.

Seemingly incapable of mounting a logical argument that compels the American people to accept his disastrous ideas, President Obama is wholly content to play shell games with the logical assumptions that supposedly underlie his policy initiatives, as well as with the favored whipping boy of the day–or, in the case of last night’s deplorable presser, the favored whipping boy of the minute.

It turns out that, depending upon which portion of his monstrous health care bill is being questioned, that it isn’t the government to blame for the state of health care in America–which, by the way, most Americans think is actually pretty swell–it’s insurers, doctors, Republicans, and, of course, George W. Bush.

Insurers are presumably to be blamed for inserting layers of bureaucracy and superfluous paperwork into their industry, even though most of the bureaucracy and paperwork exists to comply with federal mandates and in response to the deplorable tort law that our elected Democrats never want to reform, presumably because trial lawyers would stop throwing money into campaign coffers.

Doctors are to blame for–are you ready for this–stealing pediactric patient’s tonsils for profit!  If there is any segment of the medical profession that has less interest in profits that pediatricians, by the way, I’m rather unaware of it.  Either way, the point is that doctors are greedy, too, and apparently are making decisions based on the sinister profit motive.  Even if they are, I might point out that there are ethical obligations implicit in the Hippocratic Oath that ensure that the profit motive doesn’t usurp ethical considerations.  I’m quite certain the instances that President Obama describes are few and far between, indeed.

But for pure audacity, nothing beats the president’s insistence on blaming Republicans for a bill he can’t pass through a Democrat dominated Congress.  Except, he did beat his own audaciousness mere moments later when he attempted to claim that he wasn’t blaming Republicans.

Remarkably, President Obama maintains his insistence that he’s open to any ideas except “doing nothing”.  Fortuitously, no one on Earth has suggested the “Do Nothing” approach to reform–a fact that still doesn’t deter the unflappable President Obama from insisting about 100 times per day that there is an elusive and menacing force of “Do Nothing” saboteurs out there just waiting to sit on their hands and do nothing.

In truth, the Democrats’ insistence on doing everything except addressing tort law, interstate accessibility, and federally mandated insurance minimums show that the only ideas they are actually open to are the ones that keep the indigent and genuinely ill-equipped from bettering their circumstances.   In the Obamanation, having an idea that doesn’t empower the government to tinker with hoi polloi and those infernal free markets is tantamount to not having any ideas at all, apparently.

Worst of all, perhaps, is his damnable habit of claiming he’s not blaming Bush by… blaming Bush.  Math is hard!  Blaming  Bush is easy.  All you have to do is blather about “inheriting” a deficit that you made four times worse, an economic crisis that wasn’t worse than any since the Great Depression until you made it that way, and the “hypocritical” forces of evil that apparently grasp that being part of a Democratic Congress that passed TARP doesn’t make them culpable for the deficits you yourself intend to make far worse.

Finally, it is telling that President Obama continues to use budget figures that assume Iraq War expenditures ten years out that Bush policy itself wouldn’t have allowed!

But rest easy, America.  You need to stomach your crap sandwich now because President Obama gets letters.  Feel better?

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