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In Case You Were Tempted to Think Nationalization Isn’t So Bad…

July 19, 2009

Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) has provided the American people with a rare insight to exactly what liberal Democrats are about.  Speaking in reference to a climate bill and his desire to force auto companies to manufacture all vehicles with the capability of running on E85 fuel, Harkin gave away the game:

Sen. Tom Harkin said he wants Congress to use a climate bill to force auto companies to make new cars and trucks capable of running on 85 percent ethanol as well as conventional gasoline.

“We own the automobile companies. Why not? I think that will be an easy one,” Harkin said Thursday, referring to the government interests in Chrysler and General Motors.

Whoa!  I thought the American taxpayer “owned” the automobile companies, since taxpayer money is funding this whole fairy tale!  Or, as the apparent defacto CEO of Chrysler and GM–that’s President Obama, for those of you playing at home–led us to believe, I thought that the automobile companies remained under previous ownership, just with government money in their purses to help get them back on their feet.

Nope, nope, nope.  The federal government owns the automobile companies now, and Harkin has obviously used savvy market research to decide that our energy needs will be met if companies will only make vehicles that run on E85.  Except “savvy market research” in this sense really means “is informed and owned by the environmental/anti-oil lobby”.

Remember this quote from President Obama, after the GM takeover: “I recognize that this may give some Americans pause,” he said, “but what we are not doing, and what I have no interest in doing, is running GM.”  Apparently, what President Obama should have said was, “What I have no interest in doing, is running GM.  I’ll leave that up to Tom Harkin and the rest of the know-nothing liberal Democrats in Congress.  Now, who wants one of these special edition commemorative ‘Obama takes over GM’ gold-trimmed dinner plates?”.

Remember this the next time the Obama administration tells you that government involvement in the free market isn’t so bad.

(h/t Tom Elia at The New Editor)

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