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Outstanding Audio of the Week: Glenn Beck Goes Nuclear on “Pinhead” Caller

July 18, 2009

We all know Glenn Beck has meltdowns now and again, but this one strikes me as somewhat remarkable due to its deservedness.  The caller all but baits Beck straight out of the gate, and Beck wastes precious little time going to DEFCON-1:

Civil conversations generally don’t start with the phrase, “What is wrong with you?”, and this is no exception.  Note that, like most liberal attempts at argumentation, the caller resorts to emotional appeals right off the bat, as though being told that “poor people get sick” is supposed to convince conservatives that nationalized health care is all the rage.  Reasoned argumentation is obvious not the caller’s metier.

We all know poor people get sick, just as middle and upper class folks do.  Once again, liberals (like this caller) appear to prefer painting conservatives as stodgy, cold- hearted, Uncle Moneybags types relentlessly thrashing “the help” to actually engaging in reasoned debate.  Conservatives need to point out this oft-used liberal tactic more often, and Beck did it in an extremely entertaining fashion.

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  1. September 3, 2009 12:59 pm

    I thought the question right out of the gate was pretty valid. The answer came a few minutes later when he went into his little 2 year old tantrim. The man is a lunatic. Wow just the fact that you actually defend this is pretty entertaining in itself.

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