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Sweet: Black Witness Rips Sen. Boxer For Playing Race Card

July 17, 2009

Barbara Boxer got served a steaming hot cup of “shut the hell up” earlier when Harry Alford, President and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, was more than a little put out with her insistence that he out to get back on the plantation in regards to energy policy.

Instead of arguing the merits of Democratic energy policy, Boxer thought it a brilliant tactic to inform Alford that getting on board the tax-and-trade train is just what responsible, civic-minded black men do:

One rarely comes closer to a white liberal admitting that absolute fealty to the liberal catechism is a distinguishing characteristic of genuine blackness.  Thankfully, Boxer’s competitor in the upcoming elections has done a fantastic job seizing the opportunity to point out Sen. Boxer’s bigotry, and hopefully, voters all over the fruited plain will take note.

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