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Notorious Idiot Makes Five-Millionth Request for Republican to Resign, Calls Voters “Idiots”, “Buffoons”.

June 28, 2009

As if it weren’t enough that Kieth Olbermann can’t make it through a single broadcast day without calling some prominent conservative/Republican an idiot, now he has taken to calling average, ordinary, everyday Americans who voted for them “idiots” (via Newsbusters once more):

Once again, World Net Daily, August 23, 2008, Drew Zaun, quote, “a separate WND investigation into Obama`s birth certificate, utilizing forgery experts, also found the document to be authentic.” Read it, Congressman, if you know how to read. Also, the people who elected you are obviously idiots. That does not mean everybody else is. The bill wouldn`t apply to Obama? You do realize that he is likely to run again in 2012, right?

Wait–there’s more!  People who vote for certain Republicans are also buffoons!

You`re wrong. Your goal here is to try to take an efficient program, providing needy kids millions of healthy meals at about two and a half bucks each, and turn it into another wedge weapon of paranoia to use on the buffoons who would vote for a political hack like yourself.

So what are the issues at hand that so incense Herr Olbermann?  Apparently, what really gets the Komissar of Disinformation’s goat is that some politicians dare to question the wisdom of certain welfare programs; what’s more, they have the audacity to frame said policy disputes as questions of parental responsibility!

Representative Davis has not apologized for, retracted, nor clarified her remarks. She has blamed an editorial that misrepresented my views, even though her views were in her editorials, which she wrote. She continues to believe that one-fifth of school aged children in Missouri who face hunger every day have somehow chosen to do that, that this is a family rights issue. Quote, “we all agree on the importance of feeding children, but we differ on who should do this. I believe this duty belongs to the parents. Instead of respecting this time honored jurisdiction of the family, the summer feeding program treats families like they do not exist.”

You`re wrong. It treats families like they don`t have enough money to get meals for their kids, and they need our help. “When government takes over a family function like feeding children on a daily basis, we take a group of people who are capable and treat them like they are incapacitated. Look into your own heart and ask, what made a difference in my life as a child? Was it standing in a line for a cafeteria style meal at school or was it sitting around the kitchen table with others in your family?”

You`re wrong. Gosh, Ms. Davis, I think more than either of these things, what would have made a difference in my life as a child was if one day there was no breakfast, and some idiot politician was trying to make sure I couldn`t get one.

No politician is trying to “make sure” children don’t get meals; they’re trying to make sure parents are the ones providing them.  The point is, if you woke up one morning and there wasn’t any breakfast, Herr Olbermann, the first place you ought to go to inquire on its whereabouts would be… brace yourself… your parents!  Liberals like Olbermann think that constituents, no matter their age are children, and government is a perfectly suitable stand-in for parental units.  In traditional liberal fashion, he bypasses any greater question of moral responsibility, and goes straight for the emotional what about the children? non-sequitur.  The point, Mr. Olbermann, is that for the civil society to function, responsibilities for the care and maintenance of children rest primarily with parents.  I might add that there are time tested institutions that act as a safety net in those extraordinarily rare instances where parents are genuinely ill-equipped to provide for the basic necessities of life; we call them the church and charity. Government is neither.

There are plenty of elected liberal politicians out there that conservatives find utterly reprehensible.  Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi come to mind.  Strangely, however, you never hear conservatives demonise the people of Massechusetts or California for continuing to vote these half-wits into office.  I disagree with the people of Massechusetts whole-heartedly on the subject of Frank, but they needn’t be derided as idiots and buffoons for the point to be made that Frank is an idiot and a buffoon.  See the difference?

Finally, Olbermann shows once again that the smallest deviation from the liberal catechism is grounds to seek an elected Republican’s resignation:

Hey, on this we agree. Well phrased. You`re right. You`re an inhuman monster. And you chair the state`s Permanent Committee for Children? You`re a positive menace to the health and well being of the children of Missouri. Resign, State Representative Cynthia Davis of Missouri, once again, today`s “Worst Person in the World,” and not for the last time.

Olbermann is a joke.  He’s a pathetic, pedantic, hateful little toad who possesses not a modicum of decency, civility, or charity.  He’s a shameless tool, and an organism the DNC uses to spread left-wing agitprop.  In short, Olbermann is an idiot and a buffoon who ought to–for the good of his country–resign.

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