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Tolerance: Iranian Cleric Deems Opposition “Worthy of Execution”.

June 27, 2009

While the world has been busy today worshiping Michael Jackson, Iran’s clergy have been busy calling for increased brutality in the crackdown on election protestors.

In Friday’s central Muslim sermon at Tehran University, a senior cleric, Ayatollah Ahmed Khatami, called for harsh retribution for dissent.

“Anybody who fights against the Islamic system or the leader of Islamic society, fight him until complete destruction,” he said in the nationally broadcast speech.

The cleric claimed some involved in the unrest had used firearms.

“Anyone who takes up arms to fight with the people, they are worthy of execution,” he said. “We ask that the judiciary confront the leaders of the protests, leaders of the violations, and those who are supported by the United States and Israel strongly, and without mercy to provide a lesson for all.”

No word yet on where the dreaded “Bushitler” factors into this.  It seems there are worse punishments for “speaking truth to power” than having average, patriotic Americans not buy your CD.  Elsewhere in the world, people actually suffer when they dissent!

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