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Sam Donaldson: Those Damned Sanctimonious, GOP Bible Thumpers!

June 26, 2009

So Mark Sanford’s affair gave sanctimonious, chest-thumping liberals the chance to do what they enjoy most in life: scream the word ‘hypocrisy’ at so-called sanctimonious, Bible-thumping conservatives.  And shout it.  And shout it.

So naturally, Sam Donaldson–“objective” journalist by day, diviner of human intentions by night–opined on the difficulties average Americans (read: Manhattan liberals) have in forgiving Republicans embroiled in sex scandals.  Turns out, it’s the Bible-thumping, stupid! (via NewsBusters):

DONALDSON: Well, you notice that we men have more testosterone, I suppose, than you do. And I think Republicans and Democrats have it equally. The problem Republicans have, so many of them are sanctimonious. They thump the Bible. They condemn everyone else, and when they- human- they don’t have much credit in the bank for forgiveness.

It isn’t immediately evident how “sanctimonious” Mark Sanford is, since no quotes seem to turn up very readily when searching for quotations concerning marriage and adultery.  Key word searches on Google including “mark sanford” plus terms such as “quotes”, “adultery”, “Bible”, and so forth don’t return much of anything in the way of a Mark Sanford quote that is all brimstone and fire on the subject of marital fidelity.  To be sure, the man is a self-professed Christian, but where does the “Bible-thumping” and condemnation of people come into play?  If Donaldson knows, he’s not telling.

But kudos to Donaldson for having the cajones to speak the truth: the media loves this.  One only imagines what Chris Matthews must have been doing doing last night during his solid 60 minute Sanford Bash-a-Thon, but if a mere Obama speech can give him thrills up the leg, it must have been severe–whatever it was.

The truth is, when liberal media elites, punditry, commentators, or politicians play the hypocrisy card, what they are really saying is: you don’t have me on record as an adherent to any strict moral code, therefore I’m free from hypocrisy.  To liberals, hypocrisy (at least on the part of Bible-thumping conservatives) is akin to blasphemy of the Holy Spirit; it is an unforgivable sin.  Obviously, moral chaos is to be elevated over the simple failure of imperfect men to adhere to divine moral precepts.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Waite has the lowdown on the Clinton comparisons–which also delight liberals.  Except, when you bother to examine the pesky details, the comparison is apples to oranges, as Waite cleverly notes:

But Sanford is no Bill Clinton.  Sanford got caught attempting to end an affair, which was clearly about more than sex, in a dignified manner.  Read the emails, and it’s clear this guy wasn’t a serial cheater.  Mark Sanford is good at a lot of things.  Cheating on his wife wasn’t one of them.  He was a mess.

Bill Clinton, on the other hand, would hit on your grandma.  I believe Bill Clinton is the first U.S. President to be accused of rape, and yet he’s a rock star.  The writing was on the wall during his first campaign.  Lewinsky shouldn’t have surprised us.  And he was only sorry after he got caught… WAY after he got caught.  After he sent his wife on the Today show to defend him.  What a gentleman.

At least liberals bothered to attack a conservative for a sex “scandal” that actually involved sex, unlike the Foley and Craig “scandals”.  Way to go!

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